Doom Alpha Resources
I first had an interest in extracting all the Doom Alpha stuff in March 2001. I grabbed DEUTex and started ripping everything. Everything worked, except the levels. However, the main obstacle of this project was to change the transperancy colour to cyan. When I extracted them, the transperancy colour was RGB 49-49-49, which is some sort of green. With the help of Lament and his Linux box, I was able to convert the Alpha levels to current Doom format. I added random crap to 'fill in' the blanks, but that was probably a bad idea. If you want to use these resources in your wad, please give me credit.

Thanks to Cacodemon_Leader for creating the in-hand Dark Claw sprites.

Doom Alpha 0.4

Doom Alpha 0.5

Doom Alpha 0.4 Resources
Doom Alpha 0.5 Resources